Delicious Emily: Message in a Bottle

Delicious Emily: Message in a Bottle








Enjoy an amazing story while you cook divine dishes in Italian kitchens!


The story in this started out pretty dark. Delicious Emily: Hopes and Fears ended with a donkey and postman showing up saying that he had a letter. Well DE: Message in a Bottle opens thirty years ago when Emily was three and she was spending time with her grandfather. Her grandmother has recently passed away and he’s depressed. The first five levels are pretty fast but end with the grandfather giving a three year old a goodbye letter and sailing off into a horrible storm. I got definite suicidal undertones and was really surprised at the dark tone. Eventually, meaning at the very end after the main story ended, you discover that wasn’t his intention, he was just storming off like a child and sulked for thirty years.

In this story we get to see more of Emily’s father’s family. They aren’t very pleasant, even after they learn their lessons. They bring stubborn to a whole new level, which I can easily understand, but isn’t very sympathetic. They also seem to bring out the worst in Emily’s dad.

All and all, story wise, I enjoyed this much more than DE: Hopes and Fears.

Game play things were slightly changed. You did not have a diamond to get on every level, which made this game easier than the rest. I did feel like you had to work harder to unlock things, though, and so I still had nineteen hours in to beat and unlock all achievements. Thankfully, I kept track of all the items and I don’t have to replay the game to get the final achievement like I’ll have to do with Hopes and Fears.

Message in a Bottle was a nice installment to the series, it expanded the family and history, though, Emily was not a very big part of the story. It set up some potential conflict for the next installment, so we’ll see what happens and if the rest of the family ever shows up again.




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