The Crown

The Queen(2006)

The Queen(2006)


Stephen Frears


Helen Mirren

Michael Sheen

James Cromwell


After the death of Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II struggles with her reaction to a sequence of events nobody could have predicted.


I’m not sure I would have enjoyed this as well if I hadn’t watched The Crown. The Queen seemed really aloof and unemotional but I understood why because of the TV show, not so much because of the movie. Still, it was interesting to watch.

I remember when Princess Diana died, I remember where I was, and that I ran to tell my mom. It didn’t really affect me, I was too young, but I knew that she loved the Princess and would care. I honestly don’t remember how she reacted, but I do remember watching the news coverage and the funeral.

I liked getting to see Tony Blair’s attitude change toward the queen, though, I have no idea if that’s true. More than anything this movie made me hope that The Crown gets to do all the seasons it’s planning.



The Crown (2016-)


The Crown (2016-)




Claire Foy

Matt Smith

Vanessa Kirby


The early reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is portrayed.


I almost didn’t watch this. My mom told me it was awesome, everyone on the internet pretty much loves it, but I’m not a fan of historical fiction based on real people especially when the people are still alive. After finishing 3% though I found myself in need of an hour long TV show to watch while nursing and so I tried one episode. Then I couldn’t stop. I’m a fan of British television and since I was born in the UK I’ve always been interested in the monarchy, so I really never should have fought the inevitability of watching this show.

The show feels romantic almost, but if anything it shows you how unromantic being queen is. Elizabeth, Claire Foy, sacrifices so much, but people just keep asking more and those closest to her don’t seem to see all she’s giving up. Foy does a great job portraying the Queen, not showing emotion but also not coming off as a robot, which I’m sure was difficult to do.

I have no idea how historically accurate this show is, which is really my only issue with it. I don’t know if I’m taking in information that is completely wrong but absorbing it as fact, because of that I’ve started looking into biographies on Elizabeth II, if anyone has one to recommend I’d appreciate it.

There’s something about the show that makes me want to read a biography or classic literature. I feel very American while watching and lately that’s not a good feeling.


Side note: Matt Smith butt