Captain Marvel

2019 Top Movies of the Year

So it’s the middle of May. Naturally, I’ve finally watched all the movies I was interested in watching in 2019. I had to wait until Ip Man 4 came out which took some time, and then it kept getting put off for a Brooklyn 99 re-watch that was going on for my mental health. So now, without further ado, the movies I liked the most in 2019.

  1. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum – This seriously might be my favorite John Wick movie. I’ve rewatched the first two and while I still love the first a lot, I think Chapter 3 just edges it out of the first spot.
  2. Captain Marvel – We FINALLY got a female led Marvel superhero movie. I was so freaking excited for this movie. I’ve rewatched it. I bought more merchandise than I care to admit. I still love it. It hurts that I’m going to have to wait so long for a sequel.
  3. Knives Out – Was not expecting to enjoy this movie as much as I did. I am not a fan of Rein Johnson after The Last Jedi, but this looked fun and I had just enough people tell me to watch it, so I did. It was like an Agatha Christie novel. I loved it. Daniel Craig’s accent was wonderful and I hope we get another movie with his character.
  4. Avengers: End Game – It was truly amazing what they were able to accomplish with this movie. While I wasn’t a fan of what they did with Captain America, I still find it incredible that they were able to wrap everything up like they did and have it not feel lacking.
  5. Spider-Man: Far From Home – I loved getting to see the world after Endgame. Jake Gyllenhaal made a perfect villain and the struggles that Peter were having felt right.
  6. Jojo Rabbit – I’m mainly putting this one here for the scene where you see Scarlett Johansson’s feet dangling. I wasn’t expecting it, I actually gasped. It made everything up until that moment hit so much harder. Even with that it was a movie with humor and not as depressing as I expected it to be.
  7. Where’d You Go Bernadette – I haven’t read the book, but I like Cate Blanchette so I figured why not. Seeing her struggle and how everyone was truly out to get her and she couldn’t be heard struck my own persecution complex. I thought the movie was funny and it was a surprise hit for me.
  8. Always Be My Maybe – This movie was fucking hilarious. I’ve watched it a couple times and each time I freaking love it. Ugh I need more romantic comedies like this. Why aren’t there more of these???
  9. Frozen II – The songs were great, the water effects amazing, the story a bit eh.
  10. Jumanji: The Next Level – Not as fun as the first one, but I still found it entertaining.

Honorable Mention

Charlie’s Angels – It truly bums me out that this won’t get a sequel. It wasn’t perfect, but I still really enjoyed it, and holy shit Kristen Stewart was HOT.

Disney Toybox: Captain Marvel, Wolverine, and Spider-Man

We FINALLY have Captain Marvel!! I am so excited about this and can’t wait to buy her. Probably the biggest surprise, though, was the addition of the first X-Men character, Wolverine. There is also a new Spider-Man figure. All of these are currently available on their store.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel comes with two heads and Goose, as well as tentacles for Goose. She looks perfect and I’m ridiculously excited. Her outfit is cool, her hair is cool, and omg Goose!


I was not expecting Wolverine at all. They must have either been already working on him or rushed him through development. I love that he comes with a cowboy hat and katana. He’s also wearing his classic uniform so I’m hoping that means that we’ll get some cartoon style Storm, Gambit, and Rogue. It’s hard not to get my hopes up for those.

As far as Marvel figures got Wolverine seems to be on the good side of things. I’ve complained about the Marvel figures before because often times they come off as cheap and not as filled with character. Wolverine has got a nice almost smirk in his unmasked face with thick brows, and he’s also got a good hostile face in the masked version. All in all I thought they did a good job with him.

Spider-Man Far From Home

This is the third Spider-Man figure. While the costumes have all been slightly different the mold appears to be the same and the accessory is the same. I believe this is the Far From Home costume, but if not someone correct me. Honestly, not much to say about this one.

Disney has stopped including flyers in the boxes of these toys so it’s impossible to know what they’re going to release. I don’t believe anyone was expecting Wolverine or another Spider-Man. It will be interesting to see what they come out with next.

My wish for future additions to the entire line is definitely more female characters. If they ever started adding Disney Princesses I’d freak out. The art style is made for the princesses in my opinion. The Star Wars line is my favorite line and with a new movie coming out later this year I hope they’ve got some planned for release. Maybe a General Leia or for gods sake finally give us a Finn.

This series has got a ton of potential and almost limitless characters and material to pull from. I look forward to seeing what they give us.

Captain Marvel (2019)

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel (2019)


Anna Boden

Ryan Fleck


Brie Larson

Samuel L. Jackson

Ben Mendelson

Lashana Lynch


Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.


So I have managed to see this movie twice in theaters, which is unheard of for me, now. I was not a huge fan of the Wonder Woman movie and ever since Black Panther I’ve been excited and scared for Captain Marvel. I hoped so much that it would be everything I wanted in a female superhero movie, but after years of disappointments I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to deliver. Oh boy did they deliver.


Carol Danvers, Brie Larson, has her own sense of humor, which is a bit sarcastic and loveable annoying. She’s pushed the limits since she was a child, refusing to allow others to tell her she can’t do something, especially if it’s because of her gender. For most of the movie she is missing large chunks of her memory and because of that she has a moment of doubt unsure of who she is, but it doesn’t take much from her best friend to remind her. Even under the control of the Cree who she is shone through.

The fight scenes are always the scenes I’m most disappointed in with Marvel movies and sadly Captain Marvel wasn’t an exception. They were cut fast and shaky so it was hard to tell who was doing what, or just to see anything cool looking. It’s a common trend with the movies though so at this point I don’t expect anything else.

Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson, looked incredible. Based on quick math I estimate that Fury was around 51-54 at the time of the movie. I know that there was some CG done with him but it was so well done you could hardly tell. He was younger, and a bit more silly, but he was still very much the intelligent and quick thinking Nick Fury you expect.

Maria Rambeau, Lashana Lynch, was Carol’s best friend and the one that grounded her when she needed it. I was so glad that she had her own moment to shine and was not just a sidekick to Carol. Her daughter was precocious and the possible hints at Maria’s relationship with Carol were exciting.

Captain Marvel did not have a romance and I really appreciated that. I feel like there might have been a possibility with Maria, but since Captain Marvel has been missing for the last twenty-four years I’m not sure if that’s still viable in the current timeline. The main point of the movie was Carol becoming a superhero, answering questions about future plot points, and setting the stage for Endgame.

I know that more than a few people have complained that timeline wise they felt Captain Marvel should have been done at a different time that it slowed everything down, and to that I can’t roll my eyes hard enough. An incredibly common story telling technique is to take a step back, before the climactic conclusion, and do a flashback. Explain some things and maybe even introduce an element to the story that’s going to help in the final battle. It does slow things down, but it gives the viewer/reader a chance to breath. It answers questions that wouldn’t necessarily have been answered with the conclusion. It expands on character development. It gives everyone a small break from universal consequences.

We’re going to get Endgame very soon but I am beyond thrilled that we got Captain Marvel when we did. Finally, getting to see a female superhero movie done by Marvel was incredible and I am so excited for what’s to come.